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LTC Experience, Knowledge, and Awareness

Experience with LTC

Experience with LTC All Respondents (n = 15,298) %
Provided LTC to family member/friend 27,4
Currently Providing LTC to family member/ friend 25,7

Have you or has someone you know ever:

Have you or has someone you know ever: All Respondents (n = 15,298) %
required LTC because of a disability or illness? 52,8
received paid in-home care for ADLs? 31,3
been a resident in a nursing home/assisted living facility? 44,2

Knowledge of LTC

Knowledge of LTC % Correct
Average cost of a month of nursing home care 20,2
Average cost of 1 hour of home health aide care 15,3
Medicaid is the government program that pays the most for long-term care services in the U.S. 25,3
Average length of nursing home stay is less than 5 years 34,9

Familiarity with LTC Insurance Policies

Familiarity with LTC Insurance Policies % Correct
T/F: Monthly cost of a private LTC insurance policy first purchased at age 45 will be the same as the monthly cost of policy a first purchased at age 65. 66.7
T/F: In order to buy most private long-term care insurance policies, you usually need to be in good health. 41.0