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July 9, 1997 Public Forum: Closing Remarks

DR. MOORE: Thanks, John, Dennis. Our intent today was to let everyone be aware of where we are, what we are thinking, any progress that we have made since we have last spoken to you, either collectively or in smaller groups. I hope that we have done that today.

I would like to thank Betsy Humphreys for getting NIH to let us have this facility. I would like to thank you all for coming. If you have questions, most all of us can be reached through e-mail, or you have the two bulletin boards that I showed, the websites, both for the Data Council and for the NCVHS, for information.

As we progress with these standards, we will be putting information out there on the Data Council site. As the NCVHS has hearings, the transcripts of those hearings will be on the NCVHS website.

We will be at the X12 meeting in August. There will be other meetings. I ask you to send in comments to us. You can address them to the Secretary. You can address them to the administrator of HCFA or other ones that you deal with, whether it is OPM, et cetera. I would encourage you to do so.

Also, I would encourage you to read the implementation guides as they are developed. We will be going with the X12 transactions for everything, as you saw, except for the pharmacy claim, retail pharmacy. That is the direction we are going. We felt, even though there were other suggestions, in order to meet the mandate for a single standard, and that is where we are trying to go, we felt we had to go with something that had to have the backing of the industry in general, as well as the participation of many individuals in all parts of the industry.

Thank you for coming. Have a safe trip home.

(Whereupon, the meeting was concluded at 4:20 p.m.)