Get Organized:
A Guide to Preventing Teen Pregnancy

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

U. S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies

September 1999

The views expressed here are those of the authors at the National Campaign.
They do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Volume 1:  Focusing on the Kids

  1. Promising Approaches to Preventing Teen Pregnancy,
    by John Hutchins  [High Res.]
  2. Tailoring Pregnancy Prevention Programs to Stages of Adolescent Development,
    by Leslie Kantor  [High Res.]
  3. Developing Pregnancy Prevention Programs for Girls and Young Women,
    by Leslie Kantor  [High Res.]
  4. Involving Teen Boys and Young Men in Teen Pregnancy Prevention,
    by John Hutchins  [High Res.]
  5. Involving Youth in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs,
    by Donna Butts  [High Res.]

Volume 2:  Involving the Key Players

  1. Involving Parents and Other Adults,
    by Lisa Hoeschele  [High Res.]
  2. Involving the Faith Community,
    by Tom Klaus  [High Res.]
  3. Involving the Business Community,
    by Karen Troccoli  [High Res.]
  4. Involving Schools,
    by Joy Dryfoos  [High Res.]
  5. Involving Health Care Professionals,
    by Janet Chapin  [High Res.]

Volume 3:  Making It Happen

  1. Getting Your Community Involved in a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project,
    by Claire Brindis  [High Res.]
  2. Tailoring a Program to Your Community Through Needs Assessment,
    by Barbara Sugland  [High Res.]
  3. Planning and Carrying Out a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project,
    by Claire Brindis  [High Res.]
  4. Raising Funds for Teen Pregnancy Prevention,
    by Donna Butts  [High Res.]
  5. Working with the Media to Promote Teen Pregnancy Prevention,
    by John Hutchins  [High Res.]
  6. Building Evaluation into Your Work,
    by Susan Philliber  [High Res.]
  7. Moving Forward in the Face of Conflict,
    by Tamara Kreinin and William Smith  [High Res.]

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