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HHS Agencies' Responsibilities Related to the NHII

The following are HHS agencies and how they relate to the NHII initiative.
From Table 4 NHII Report


Agency Responsibility


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Research on effective technologies and practices related to clinical care; development of clinical practice guidelines.
Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation

General policy development and program evaluation.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Infrastructure for population health.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Provision of care for older Americans; insurance for lower income and other disadvantaged populations.
Data Council (interagency)

Coordination of data development.
Food and Drug Administration

Regulation of health-related products; monitoring and reporting on safety and adverse effects; coordination of a clinically useful drug code.
Health Resources and Services Administration

Rural telehealth and community health clinics.
National Center for Health Statistics

Population health statistics.
National Institutes of Health

Biomedical knowledge creation and diffusion.
National Library of Medicine

Biomedical knowledge dissemination; research and dissemination on new technology and information networking practices.
Office of Civil Rights

Privacy regulations enforcement.
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Resources Management

Information technology infrastructure within HHS.
Office of Public Health and Science

Consumer information policies and programs; crosscutting e-health and prevention issues.


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