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Data Council Work Plan: Agenda Item 1

Develop a Department-wide data collection strategy, including coordination and consolidation of surveys and oversight of surveys and general statistical analysis.

Objective 1: Implement the Survey Integration Plan and expand the effort to include additional HHS needs for health and social services data.

The Working Group on Survey Integration will develop an implementation plan to carry out the following activities:

  1. Refine plans and monitor implementation of the National Health Interview Survey redesign, implementation of the National Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, and other key elements of the HHS Survey Integration Plan.
  2. Develop an implementation strategy for consolidating HHS employer surveys.
  3. Develop overall framework and strategy for integration of health provider, nursing home, capacity, and infrastructure surveys.
  4. Develop overall framework and strategy for state level data that addresses both short term and long term needs.
  5. Incorporate human services data needs into survey integration planning process, with a view to coordination not only within the Department but across Departments.
  6. Develop plans for using HHS surveys and data collection systems for continued monitoring of public health and welfare under rapidly changing models of service delivery and funding (see below).
  7. Work with Department programs and policy makers, the NCVHS, the research community, states, the private sector, and others to develop policies which ensure that the data collected by HHS will be easily accessible to data users and, to the extent possible, meet the needs of all users.
  8. Develop strategies to maximize the use of HHS data systems to meet data needs for performance measurement, performance partnership grants, and Healthy People 2000.

Objective 2: Coordinate HHS data strategy to support the Secretary's Initiative on Research Planning.

The Council as a whole will:

  1. Work closely with the HHS Working Group on Research Planning on crosscutting data needs to assure that HHS has the capability to monitor the implementation and effects of market and structural changes in health and human services programs on systems and populations.
  2. Serve as the focal point for assuring that HHS data needs identified in the Secretary's initiative are addressed in a coordinated, cost-effective fashion and coordinated with the Survey Integration Plan.