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Advisory Council January 2015 Meeting Presentation: NAPA Review

Monday, January 26, 2015

Washington, D.C.

NAPA Review: Final Report

Sheila Burke, MPA, RN, FAAN

Major Points

  • Goal-setting and Streamlining
  • Increasing Exposure of Committee Recommendations

Next Steps to be Considered by FACA

  • Subcommittees review goals and action items prepared to date and determine rank, priority and whether the current goals ought to be edited, deleted, or adjusted to meet new challenges
  • Discuss with respective subcommittee chairs the pros and cons of increasing efforts of coordination and cooperation in achieving Goal 2 and 3.
  • Each subcommittee should be asked to “cross-walk” recommendations with National Plan goals, strategies, and actions. Recommendations should be at the same “altitude” and scope of existing Plan components.
  • Convene subcommittee leaders to determine how to structure and orient work
  • Given the importance of the recommendations, consideration might be given to moving the timeframe back so that the full FACA is given additional time to discuss items each subcommittee proposes before voting. A change to the agenda, which has the subcommittees provide an overview at the October meeting would provide the opportunity for subcommittees to learn the direction of their colleagues’ work and possibly modify and coordinate their recommendations before a January vote.