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Advisory Council April 2015 Meeting Presentation: Food for a Healthy Mind

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Food for a Healthy Mind

Rebecca Katz, MS
Author, Educator & Culinary Translator

Photo of a table of food.


Photo of two people facing one another.


Photo of two heads. One brain made of fruits and vegetables; one brain made of snack food.


Photo of a bowl of lentil soup.Photo of a plate of salmon with pomegranates and walnuts.


Photo of a dish of pumpkin seeds.


Photo of a cauliflower salad.


Photo of mint leaves.


Photo of heads of purple and green cauliflower.


Photo of various colors of carrots.


Photo of a salad.


Photo of ground vegetables.


Photo of a plate of food.


Photo of a bowl of soup.


Photo of bowls of different salads.


Photo of a bowl of soup.


Photo of muffins.


Photo of a bowl of food.


Photo of several seeds in various levels of sprouting.


Photo of two hands full of fresh vegetables.


Photo of a head with a brain made of salad. Bullets: The brain has 100 billion neurons; Your brain is comprised of 60% fat; Your brain weights 3 pounds.


Photo of two older people sitting at a table.


Photo of the word LOVE spelled with vegetables.


Photo of a large family sitting around a picnic table.


Photo of farmer's market-like displays of fruits and vegetables.