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Advisory Council September 2011 Meeting Presentation: Overview

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The meeting will begin at 9:30am

To see closed-captioning, please visit:


Advisory Council Members

  • Anita Albright, Advisory Council Member
  • Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General
  • Jim Burris, VA
  • Laurel Coleman, Advisory Council Member
  • Janet Collins, CDC
  • Bruce Finke, IHS
  • Victor Freeman, HRSA
  • Eric Hall, Advisory Council MemberRichard Hodes, NIH
  • David Hoffman, Advisory Council Member
  • Harry Johns, Advisory Council Member
  • Russell Katz, FDA
  • Helen Lamont, Designated Federal Officer
  • Jennifer Manly, Advisory Council Member
  • Helen Matheny, Advisory Council Member
  • Don Moulds, ASPE
  • Cindy Padilla, AoA
  • Anand Parekh, OASH
  • Ronald Petersen, Advisory Council Chair
  • David Hyde Pierce, Advisory Council Member
  • Marian Scheinholtz, SAMHSA
  • William Shrank, CMS
  • Bill Spector, AHRQ
  • Amber Story, NSF
  • Laura Trejo, Advisory Council Member
  • Brian Unwin, DoD
  • George Vradenburg, Advisory Council Member
  • Geraldine Woolfolk, Advisory Council Member


Public Input

To provide input on the National Plan, please email