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CF — Grantee Abstinence Curricula: Interim Response

Date: November 17, 2005

To: James Wagoner, President, Advocates for Youth 

      William Smith, Vice President, Sexuality Information Education Council of the US

Re: Data quality challenge and request to cease sponsorship of non-compliant Community-Based Abstinence Education grantees

Mr. Wagoner and Mr. Smith:

Your data quality challenge and request for the Administration for Children and Families to cease sponsorship of Community-Based Abstinence Education grantees that “fail to provide medically accurate, complete sexual health information” is still under review. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Data Quality Guidelines, our goal is to respond to each request within 60 days of receipt either by providing a decision on the request or, if the request will require more than 60 days to complete, informing the complainant that more time is needed.

We hereby advise you that we will need additional time to complete our response to your challenge and request. At this time, we are continuing to prepare our response and anticipate providing same to you by January 13, 2006.


Harry Wilson, Associate Commissioner 

Family and Youth Services Bureau 

Administration for Children, Youth and Families/Administration for Children and Families