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CDC/ATSDR — Chesapeake Well Site Health Consultation: Response to RFC

March 18,2013

Paul D. Hagemeier

Vice President—Regulatory Compliance
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
P.O. Box 18496
Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0496

Dear Mr. Hagemeier,

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) is responding to the January 23, 2012 Information Quality Request for Correction regarding ATSDR’s Chesapeake ATGAS 2H Well Site Health Consultation dated November 4, 2011. We have reviewed your objections to the findings of the health consultation and your questions about the sufficiency of the data used to support those findings. This letter provides our response. ATSDR serves the public by using the best science, taking responsive public health actions, and providing trusted health information to prevent harmful exposures and diseases related to toxic substances. This commitment extends to our work in Leroy, Pennsylvania, for the November 2011 health consultation.

After careful examination, ATSDR has determined that a formal retraction of the health consultation is not needed. However, we have made several revisions to the health consultation report to correct specific errors that were noted in the request.

Your correspondence included a primary letter with three summary objections, as well as the submission of an “information quality request for correction” document that included 42 objections to the health consultation. The objections each included “objection,” “basis for our objection”, and “relief requested” sections. Appendix A includes a reproduction of each “objection” in italics, followed by ATSDR’s response. In addition, if the “basis for our objection” portion included unique information, this information was reproduced as well and a response was included.

The changes ATSDR will make in the health consultation are documented in Table 1 in Appendix B. ATSDR will post an updated document on the ATSDR website within a week of the date of this letter response. The updated document will include a cover page describing the changes made.

If you wish to appeal this response to your request for correction, you may submit a written appeal (Request for Reconsideration) or an electronic request for reconsideration within 30 days of receipt of our response. The appeal must state the reasons that the agency response is insufficient or inadequate. You must attach a copy of your original request and the agency’s response to it. Please clearly mark the appeal with the words “Information Quality Appeal” and send the appeal as follows:

Mail: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Management Analysis and Services Office
1600 Clifton Road, N.E., Mailstop E-11
Atlanta, Georgia 30333 or
Fax: 404-929-2781 or Electronic Mail:


Christopher J. Portier, Ph.D.

Director, National Center for Environmental health, 
and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

CC: Timothy Wilkins, Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP

Last Revised: 4/19/2013