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CDC — Gonorrhea Link: Request for Reconsideration (RFR)

March 28, 2003

Appeal on Request for Correction Information Appeal Reason:

The new link "gonorrhea (info)" still does not link to the gonorrhea fact sheet on the DSTDP website ( Sheets/FactsGonorrhea.htm). All the STDs (chlamydia, herpes, trichomonas, etc) are linked to specific fact sheet on a general information page that is complicated and confusing. The fact sheet needs clear, concise information about the disease gonorrhea. It is also very confusing to have two gonorrhea links with the subheadings "info" and "Neisseria gonorrhoeae." None of the other STDs (chlamydia, herpes, trichomonas, etc) have more than one heading. If CDC is going to continue to link to thleDASTLR webpage for Neisseria gonorrhea, the heading or subheading should be Gonorrhea (laboratory issues). Currently, the two subheadings are not distinctive or logical topics relating to gonorrhea. My recommendation is to have the main gonorrhea link on the health topics page link directly to the gono rrhea fact sheet ( Sheets/FactsGonorrhea. This would be more consistent with other STD links on the CDC web and more user-friendly for the public. If absolutely necessary, a separate heading for gonorrhea (laboratory issues) could link to the DASTLR webpage.

Last Revised:  August, 2004