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CDC — Fluoridation: Request for Reconsideration (RFR)


Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 6:44 AM


Subject: Information Quality Appeal

Your response to my information quality request for correction of influential scientific information is false. None of the documents cited in your response contain references or details about any fluoridation safety study using methods capable of distinguishing between a person whose arthritis was caused by fluoride and a person whose arthritis was caused by something else. There were no such studies. The 1991 USDHHS Review of Fluoride Benefits and Risks contains the following description of the symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning. (See page 46)

Phase I: sporadic pain; stiffness of joints; osteosclerosis of pelvis & vertebral column

Phase II: chronic joint pain; arthritic symptoms; slight calcification of ligaments; increased osteosclerosis/cancellous bones; with/without osteoporosis of long bones

There have been no methods available in the United States capable of identifying early cases of chronic fluoride poisoning -- and most physicians are not even aware of the symptoms. Arthritis is not a reportable disease.

Under these circumstances, the CDC's claim regarding extensive research is false. Until the CDC can name a study, the claim for safety remains unsubstantiated.

Once again, I request a correction of the influential scientific information which is false.

Last Revised:  August, 2004