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Building Internal Evaluation Capacity for HHS

ASPE leads a cross-departmental work group that collaboratively addresses issues around evidence and evaluation with the following goals:

  • Improve the design, implementation, and utilization of evaluations across the various programs and initiatives within HHS.
  • Determine how to best operationalize the goal of improving evaluation—across the size, scope, and diversity of the many HHS program and activities.
  • Develop a culture of evaluation within the Department.
  • Better align and leverage existing efforts and resources within the Department through activities such as:
    • Develop guidance and tools on “big picture” evaluation issues
    • Work with agencies besides HHS on a number of common issues that federal agencies face in implementing evaluations; and
    • Bolster internal capacity to better meet the technical assistance needs of the Operating and Staff Divisions.

Additionally, ASPE has convened three “HHS Evaluation Days” to host staff from operating and staff divisions at a one-day convening sponsored and organized by ASPE to discuss the various evaluation activities across HHS as well as present information on ongoing activities, new information and methodologies related to evaluation, and discussion of issues related to the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) and its relationship to efficient data collection for evaluations. The next HHS Evaluation Day is scheduled to be held in the fall or winter of 2015.