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1994 Green Book




 SAM M. GIBBONS, Florida, Acting Chairman


Janice Mays, Chief Counsel and Staff Director
Deborah G. Colton, Deputy Staff Director
Franklin C. Phifer, Jr., Counsel to the Acting Chairman

This document was prepared by the majority staff of the Committee on Ways and Means and is issued under the authority of Acting Chairman Sam M. Gibbons. This document has not been reviewed or officially approved by the Members of the Committee.

A letter of transmittal and other publishing details, including a list of contributors to this edition is located here.

Table of Contents
Program Descriptions

Section 1. Social Security: Old-age and survivors insurance programs (OASI). (148Kb)

Section 2. Social Security: Disability insurance program. (78Kb)

Section 3. Social Security: Financing. (106Kb)

Section 4. Railroad retirement. (48Kb)

Section 5 . Medicare. (298Kb)

Section 6. Supplemental security income. (189Kb)

Section 7. Unemployment compensation. (140Kb)

Section 8. Railroad unemployment compensation. (22Kb)

Section 9. Trade adjustment assistance. (41Kb)

Section 10. Aid to families with dependent children. (475Kb)

Section 11. Child support enforcement. (315Kb)

Section 12. Child care programs. (181Kb)

Section 13. Social Services Block Grant. (35Kb)

Section 14. Child welfare, foster care, and adoption assistance. (262Kb)

Section 15. Federal social welfare programs in outlying areas. (15Kb)

Section 16. Tax expenditures and other tax provisions related to retirement, health, poverty, employment, and disability. (191Kb)

Section 17. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. (62Kb)

Section 18. Description of other major Federal assistance programs not within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Ways and Means. (348Kb)


Appendix A. Data on the elderly. (36Kb)

Appendix B. Data on health care of the elderly. (104Kb)

Appendix C. International comparisons of health care expenditures. (148Kb)

Appendix D. Medicare reimbursement to hospitals. (270Kb)

Appendix E. Medicare reimbursement to physicians. (170Kb)

Appendix F. Data on employment, earnings, and unemployment. (61Kb)

Appendix G. Data on families. (171Kb)

Appendix H. Data on poverty. (196Kb)

Appendix I. Selected economic, population, income, and fiscal data for the United States. (121Kb)

Appendix J. Budget tables. (135Kb)