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Prescription Drugs & Other Medical Products

Drugs and other medical products greatly impact human health and the health care system. ASPE conducts a variety of research in this area, including work related to medical product development and regulation; medical product markets, pricing and competition; prescription drug benefits and spending on medical products; medical product supply chains; and medical product safety.


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Research to Address the Opioid Crisis: Approaches to Data Linkage

November 28, 2017
To combat the public health crisis associated with the opioid overdose epidemic, HHS will host an Opioid Code-a-Thon on December 6-7, 2017 to develop data driven solutions to combat the opioid epidemic.  This Data Brief presents an overview of the data sources that could be leveraged to study the opioid crisis within each of the five HHS strategic areas, highlights some of the key research ques

Medicare Part B Drugs: Pricing and Incentives

March 7, 2016
Medicare Part B covers infusible and injectable drugs and biologics administered in physician offices and hospital outpatient departments; as well as certain other drugs required by law provided by suppliers such as pharmacies The Part B payment method provides weak incentives for physicians to consider value – that is choose the lowest cost therapy to effectively treat a patient.

Observations on Trends in Prescription Drug Spending

March 7, 2016
Key findings • Expenditures on prescription drugs are rising and are projected to continue to rise faster than overall health spending thereby increasing this sector’s share of health care spending.

Review of Medication-Assisted Treatment Guidelines and Measures for Opioid and Alcohol Use

November 24, 2015
In response to the growing opioid epidemic, HHS announced a three-pronged initiative in March 2015 to: (1) improve opioid prescribing practices; (2) increase access to naloxone for overdose management; and (3) expand medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to reduce opioid dependence.

Competition and Choice in the Health Insurance Marketplaces, 2014-2015: Impact on Premiums

July 29, 2015
ASPE ISSUE BRIEF Steven Sheingold, Nguyen Nguyen, and Andre Chappel Disclaimer Persons with disabilities having problems accessing this document may call (202) 690-6870 for assistance.