A Primer on Using Medicaid for People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness and Tenants in Permanent Supportive Housing. 4. Medicaid Authorities and Options, Providers and Settings


Federal law defines the types of services that can be covered in states' Medicaid programs, including those services that state Medicaid programs must cover (mandatory services), and those that a state may cover (optional services) in its Medicaid state plan.33 This chapter reviews the statutory authorities under which states may include as covered Medicaid benefits the services needed by people with health and behavioral health needs, including those experiencing chronic homelessness or living in PSH. It describes the legal auspices for the most commonly used approaches through which states can cover these activities, including services provided by FQHCs, those available using Medicaid optional services such as Rehabilitative Services, TCM, and Health Homes, and through HCBS. It also examines the qualifications specified in state Medicaid programs for the types of providers that Medicaid will reimburse, and the settings in which services that qualify for reimbursement can be delivered. Chapter 5 continues discussion of Medicaid benefits to assist people experiencing chronic homelessness or living in PSH with details on the specific services that states may choose to include under the authorities described in this chapter.

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