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Interim Cost and Quality Findings from the National Evaluation of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Demonstration

Publication Date
Dec 23, 2021
Joshua Breslau, Brian Briscombe, Michael Dunbar, Courtney Case, Jonathan Brown, Allison Wishon Siegwarth & Rachel Miller

This report outlines interim findings from the evaluation of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) evaluation. This report describes (1) changes in Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic rates and costs from the first demonstration year (DY1) to the second (DY2); (2) performance on quality measures in DY1; and (3) the extent to which states provided QBPs to CCBHCs for demonstration year one (DY1). Results indicated that total costs, visit days/months, and per visit day/month costs increased from DY1 to DY2, but results varied considerably within and across states. Performance on DY1 quality measures also varied considerably across measures and states, with no clearly discernable patterns of consistently higher or lower performing states.  Four states distributed quality bonus payments to a total of 26 of 31 participating CCBHCs.

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