Working with Low-Income Cases: Lessons for the Child Support Enforcement System from Parents' Fair Share. E. Enforcement Expectations Triggered by the Choice of Forum


In one of the PFS sites, the lead county attorney had established an expectation that child support cases in which NCPs were found in contempt of court should produce either an immediate payment of some or all of the past-due child support (typically known as a purge payment because it purges NCPs of the contempt of court) or jailing of the NCP. Since reviewing cases to determine eligibility for PFS could produce a variety of outcomes (referral to the program, a realization that enforcement of current support was not appropriate, smokeout and payment, or a seek-work order), using the contempt process for PFS reviews was inconsistent with the goals established for this type of hearing. While it was never certain how much this contributed to the site’s decision to use a less formal review forum, it was part of the context as local staff developed their program.