Working with Low-Income Cases: Lessons for the Child Support Enforcement System from Parents' Fair Share. Acknowledgments


This report could not have been completed without the support and assistance of numerous people in the participating program sites, at the Parents’ Fair Share funders, and at MDRC.

Special thanks are due the child support officials in the seven Parents’ Fair Share sites who facilitated their sites’ participation in the project and reviewed a draft of this report: William Camden (Grand Rapids, Michigan), Annette Day (Jacksonville, Florida), Felicia Hogan (Memphis, Tennessee), Linda Jenkins (Los Angeles, California), Nancy Randolph (Dayton, Ohio), Mark Rogers (Trenton, New Jersey), and Norman Wagner (Springfield, Massachusetts).

Several of the project’s funders have also been actively involved in this part of the project from its inception. Especially active in this role have been Ronald Mincy of the Ford Foundation, Robert Harris of the Office of Child Support Enforcement at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Linda Mellgren at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy and Evaluation at HHS, and Mark Fucello at the Administration for Families and Children at HHS. Thanks are also due Vicki Turetsky of the Center for Law and Social Policy, who reviewed an early draft and suggested a number of ways to improve it.

At MDRC, Gordon Berlin, Judith Gueron, and Sharon Rowser reviewed drafts of this report and offered many helpful comments. Heidi Meyers did much of the background research on legal issues in child support enforcement, and Iris Reyes and Joan Johnson provided research assistance to the project. Sylvia Newman edited the report. Stephanie Cowell and Patt Pontevolpe did the word processing.

Finally, we owe a debt of gratitude to the child support enforcement staff in each of the Parents’ Fair Share sites who spent time discussing their experience and helped us track the results of the enhanced child support enforcement involved in the program.

The Authors