Willing, Able -> Ready: Basics and Policy Implications of Readiness as a Key Component for Scaling up Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions. What Is the Role of TTA in Supporting Implementation Readiness?


TTA providers need to use their limited resources and capacities strategically. Analysis of readiness (specifically motivation, general organizational capacity, and intervention-specific capacity) can help to align the strengths and limitations of a grantee with the types of TTA that are deemed appropriate (Wandersman, Chien, & Katz, 2012). Conversely, organizational staff can assess the readiness of their organization to offer different types of support strategies (e.g., online vs. in-person, capacity to train all staff in an organization at once vs. capacity to train a select group of people in multiple cohorts) and develop their implementation plan accordingly. For example, TTA providers could ask organizational staff to answer a brief set of questions such as, “Will there be an implementation team to oversee the implementation of this proposed approach? Who will be part of this team? What kind of training do members of this team need to be successful at implementing this approach? Are there opportunities for ongoing staff collaboration after the training that can be used to reinforce and apply skills learned?” The TTA being provided could then be customized based on responses to these questions (e.g., if the assessment indicates that general capacity needs to be built, then tools, training, and technical assistance (TA) will be used to enhance that specific need). If a TTA provider is working with a site for an extended period of time, readiness assessments could be completed several times during a project and two-way conversations between the TTA provider and TTA recipients could inform how to improve different aspects of readiness.

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