Willing, Able -> Ready: Basics and Policy Implications of Readiness as a Key Component for Scaling up Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions. What Are the Core Components of Readiness?


This brief builds on the readiness literature and in particular a conceptualization of readiness proposed by Scaccia and colleagues (2014). Three components of readiness should be considered when implementing an EBI that is new to an organization: motivation, general capacity, and intervention-specific capacity.2 The three components can be depicted as R=MC2 (Readiness = Motivation × General Capacity × Intervention-Specific Capacity).

2 The focus of this brief is on the readiness of an organization and/or the community where it is located. Equally important, but beyond the scope of this brief, is the readiness of an EBI to be scaled up and the quality of evidence that suggests that a practice is “evidence-based.”

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