Willing, Able -> Ready: Basics and Policy Implications of Readiness as a Key Component for Scaling up Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions. Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation (ISF)


  The ISF has been applied in many fields of prevention and treatment, including to summarize the literature; for example, home visiting programs (Paulsell, Del Grosso & Supplee (in press); child abuse prevention (Brodowski et al., 2013), and diagnosing needs for TTA (e.g., a CDC teen pregnancy prevention initiative, Lesesne et al., 2008). Below, we provide a quick example of the three systems and how they interact, drawing upon Lesesne et al. and other developments in teen pregnancy prevention. There are hundreds of articles and multiple evidence-based programs about teen pregnancy prevention. Organizations in the delivery system (e.g., schools, Boys and Girls Clubs) are not likely to ask staff to review the literature. A synthesis and translation of the literature would be helpful. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has gathered information on 31 evidence-based programs for teen pregnancy prevention (see http://www.hhs.gov/ash/oah/oah-initiatives/teen_pregnancy/db/programs.html ). However, having access to a website does not mean that the organizations in the delivery system are ready to implement any of the 31 evidence-based programs.

Questions remain, such as “Do organizations have the general capacity to be good host organizations for an evidence-based program? Do they have the innovation-specific capacity required to deliver a specific evidence-based program that meets the requirements for quality implementation, and are they motivated to implement the evidence-based program with quality?” The support system serves as an intermediary system that can provide TTA to help delivery system organizations become ready for implementation.

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