What We Know About Buyers and Non-Buyers of Private Long-Term Care Insurance: A Review of Studies. II. PURPOSE


The purpose of this project is to analyze survey data collected by Long Term Care Partners from members of the federal family regarding the LTC insurance offering available to them. The analysis focuses on the attitudes, opinions and motivations of both active employees and retirees who have enrolled in the program ("buyers"), those who have expressed an interest in the program but chosen not to enroll ("non-buyers"), and those who are members of the federal family but have not enrolled or expressed any interest in doing so ("non-responders"). As part of this project, we also compare the results to available data from other studies of non-federal buyers and non-buyers in both the individual and group markets. In this way we are able to determine the extent to which there are significant differences, which could influence both the marketing and future design of LTC insurance. Finally, we examine specific issues within each of the three sample groups.

The purpose of this brief is to present summary findings from a comprehensive review of the literature and published data about buyers and non-buyers of private LTC insurance, including members of the federal family. Understanding the motives behind peoples' choices can help to inform public policy as well as focus current and future market strategies. We summarize the findings of a variety of studies on the subject conducted between 1987 and 2003.

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