What Impact HIPAA? State Regulation and Private Health Insurance Coverage Among Adults.. 4. Results: Small Employer Coverage


The results reported in Tables 2 and 3 indicate that both market structure and regulation may affect the rate of employer coverage among small-firm employees. In general, our results find fewer impacts of access regulation on coverage (controlling for the strictness of regulation, not just the fact the regulation). However, they also implicate market structure as having a marginal impact on small employer coverage. Also, consistent with some other studies, we find a greater apparent impact of rate regulation on coverage among workers in firms with fewer than 100 workers (many of whom were not subject to rate regulation) than among workers in firms with fewer than 25 employees (all of whom were subject to rate regulation). This anomalous result may reflect a stratification of supply within the small-group market (and, therefore, differences in products and pricing to very small employers) that is not discernable in our market structure data.