Welfare-to-Work Grants Programs: Adjusting to Changing Circumstances. II. WTW Operations in 2003


The first WtW grants were awarded by DOL in 1998 and grantees had five years in which to use their funds. Some grantees spent all their funds within two or three years, but most distributed their resources over a longer period of time. All grants will end by mid-2004. This chapter first describes the status of the grants and program operations in the study sites as of Spring 2003, and then discusses adjustments being made in response to the imminent end of the grants, economic conditions, and TANF and WIA policies. The information presented is based on discussions held with grantee and program administrators in mid-2003. As discussed in the following sections, in Spring 2003, most grantees were approaching the end of their WtW grant period — only two had already reached the end. Thus, many grant-funded programs were still operating in 2003, and administrators were planning for the end of the grant period.

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