Welfare-to-Work Grants Programs: Adjusting to Changing Circumstances. 1. Grant Status in 2003


As of April 2003, in all but two of the study sites, some projects were still operating with WtW grant funds. As shown in Exhibit 1, the end dates for WtW funding in the study sites ranged from late 2001 (Phoenix and JHU-CTS) to mid-2004 (Chicago, Tarrant County, and Nashville). In the other study sites, grants were scheduled to end in 2003.

Thus, some WtW grant funds will continue to be used through mid-2004, especially those operated by agencies that received subcontracts from a primary grantee. For example, in Boston, Chicago and Fort Worth, where the WtW grantee is the local WIA administrative agency, the WtW grants were used to fund several separate programs. In all three cities, subcontracts will be in effect through mid-2004. In Boston, four of the employer partnership programs will have some funds through late 2003. In Chicago, twelve separately contracted programs were still operating in April 2003 and scheduled to conclude by the end of 2003. One new program, targeting welfare mothers with substance abuse problems, was also funded in mid-2002 and is scheduled to operate through March 2004. In Fort Worth, the final WtW funds were used to fund a nonprofit agency to provide employment services to noncustodial parents at the courthouse. The NCP initiative is scheduled to operate through March 2004 with WtW funds.

It is possible for projects to extend their operations by obtaining WtW funds from other grantees that have later grant periods.(6) The only example of this in our study sites was in Nashville, where Nashville Works obtained a sub-grant from a third-round competitive grantee, Centerstone Community Mental Health Services, allowing them to continue the Pathways project (begun with their own WtW grant) through mid-2004.

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