The Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Enrollee Outcomes One Year After Program Entry. How Long Did it Take Enrollees to Find Jobs?


WtW enrollees who were not employed when they entered the program required an average of four to five months to find their first post-enrollment jobs (Exhibit IV.2).(35) The time that it took enrollees to find jobs was determined by a host of factors, including the nature of the services they received. Chapter III provided a classification of sites based on the services received by enrollees. In the two "rapid job entry" sites, Phoenix and Yakima, enrollees obtained their first jobs in an average of 3.8 and 4.3 months, respectively. The average elapsed time until the first job tended to be longer in the five "extensive pre-employment services" sites, ranging from a low of 4.3 months in Philadelphia to a high of 5.1 months in West Virginia.(36) Thus, the elapsed time until the first job tended to be lower in sites that provided services consistent with rapid job entry than in sites that provided more extensive pre-employment services.

Ft. Worth was classified in Chapter III as a site where WtW enrollees received "minimal services.". Exhibit IV.2 shows that those enrollees required an average of 5.1 months to find their first job. Only the ex-offender enrollees in Milwaukee required more time to become employed. This combination of factors suggests that the Ft. Worth enrollees had unmet needs for services.


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