Welfare Reform/Child Well-Being Administrative Data Linking. Future Expectations


SCDSS is planning to continue to maintain and expand the linked database in the future.

  • In addition to its continually relationship with ORS, SCDSS has been notified of receipt of two additional grants focusing on TANF and Food Stamp Leavers. In the TANF Leavers project, we plan to expand and enrich our current survey on clients who have left the welfare rolls and have not returned. We will also create a longitudinal database by revisiting former clients thereby enriching our knowledge on their well being. This longitudinal database and the results of the expanded survey will be linked to the rest of the statistical warehouse.
  • In addition to the TANF Leavers project, we will be expanding our survey instrument to include Food Stamp Leavers. Again the results of this effort will be linked to the full statistical warehouse. In addition as part of the Food Stamp Leavers project, we anticipate using the statistical warehouse to complete an administrative study.
  • During the CHILD LINK period, SCDSS was building a new human services system (known as SACWIS). While too late to be built into the CHILD LINK work, SCDSS has plans to incorporate the new database into the statistical warehouse.