Welfare Reform/Child Well-Being Administrative Data Linking. Description of Products


A number of products were produced as a result of the CHILD LINK project.

  • Details of the linkage, methodology, and preliminary results were presented at The National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics held in Chicago from August 2-5, 1998.
  • While not formally presented or published, a paper was written on the results of analysis on Medicaid utilization before and after employment. (See attached)
  • A workshop on the capabilities of the CHILD LINK statistical warehouse is being prepared for all SCDSS upper management, research, and county director level staff. It is envisioned that through this workshop, new ideas on the potential used of this warehouse will be brainstormed.
  • The success of CHILD LINK in creating a statistical system helped position SCDSS in furthering its research goals in the TANF and Food Stamp Leavers grants.
  • A number of maps and printouts were distributed to SCDSS management, policy and program specialists and County front-line staff. Some examples include:
  • An analysis on Foster Care children who left Foster Care (where their case closed but had not aged out), who later reappear as Foster Care cases and/or Child Protective Services cases.
  • An analysis on children who aged out of the Foster Care system to determine how many later reappeared on CHIPS as a TANF or Food Stamps case and/or were tracked in the ESC Wage Match file.
  • Maps (and printouts) showing TANF cases with Founded Abused and Neglected Cases at the Neighborhood level (Census Block Group) for several counties.
  • Maps showing Founded Abused and Neglected Children and Violent Juvenile Justice children at the Neighborhood Level (Census Block Group) for several counties.