Welfare Reform/Child Well-Being Administrative Data Linking. Background


The SC Department of Social Services (SCDSS), with the assistance of the Budget and Control Board's Office of Research (ORS), has developed a statistical data warehouse. In this statistical data warehouse, information from several key administrative files are stripped off (either on a monthly or a quarterly basis) and are linked together to answer key research questions. This statistical data warehouse has in part become available through the result of the CHILD LINK federal grant that supported the development of Child Well-Being indicators. Key administrative files have included information from SCDSS's automated CHIPS systems (TANF and Food Stamps only populations); Child Welfare systems like Title XX, Foster Care Tracking, and Child Protective Services; Employment Security System's (ESC) WAGE match which provides quarterly wages on employed SCDSS clients; and the Department of Health and Human Services Medicaid Payment (and Eligibility) systems. For this study, information on the TANF population off of the SCDSS CHIPS system, from ESC's Wage Match, and from the Medicaid Eligibility and Payment systems was utilized.