Web-Based Benefit Access Tools: Mitigating Barriers for Special Needs Populations. B. Case Study Information Collection


We collected information for the case studies primarily through on-site discussions with individuals and small groups. Key contacts within each site assisted us in identifying the appropriate individuals with whom we could discuss various aspects of each benefits access system. Discussions were held with administrators and staff (policy, program, and information technology) of federal, state, and local government agencies; software developers; training and technical assistance providers; and administrators and staff at nonprofit or for-profit partners involved in the development, operation, or use of the initiative. Discussions were guided by protocols tailored to each unique site and respondent type. The protocols were designed to be flexible enough to inspire free-flowing conversation but structured enough to capture similar information across sites in an average of 60 to 90 minutes. Protocols focused on the design, development, implementation, operations, funding and costs, outputs and outcomes, and sustainability and replicability of the web-based benefits access efforts.[2]

For web-based benefits access efforts that are operational in multiple sites, we selected one site to visit in person and supplemented the site visit data with telephone interviews in additional sites. Table I.1 identifies the sites in which we collected data. Findings presented in this report reflect implementation and operations of efforts in all of these sites at the time we collected the data in spring 2011.

Table I.1. Data Collection Sites for Case Studies
Effort In-Person Interviews Telephone Interviews
a In Arizona, One-e-App is called Health-e-Arizona (HEA).
b In Ohio, TBB is called the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB).


New York City, NY


Benefits CalWIN

San Francisco, CA



Las Cruces, NM

New York City, NY

Delaware ASSIST

State of DE



New York City, NY

Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN


State of AZ a

State of CA


State of OH b

State of SC

Utah Helps/myCase

State of UT


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