Using National Survey Data to Analyze Children’s Health Insurance Coverage: An Assessment of Issues. D. HOW DOES MEDICAID UNDERREPORTING AFFECT SURVEY ESTIMATES OF THE UNINSURED?


In the previous section we provided estimates of the amount by which the CPS and the SIPP may underestimate Medicaid enrollment--magnitudes between 13 and 25 percent. The underreporting of Medicaid enrollment may lead to an overstating of the number and proportion of children who are without insurance. But the impact of Medicaid underreporting on survey estimates of the uninsured is far from clear. Indeed, even assuming that these estimates of Medicaid underreporting are accurate, the potential impact of Medicaid underreporting on estimates of the uninsured depends on how the underreporting occurs. In this section we consider several ways in which Medicaid underreporting might occur and then consider the implications for estimates of the uninsured.