Using Medicaid to Support Working Age Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses in the Community: A Handbook. Web Resources


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration/Center for Mental Health Services

The Center for Mental Health Services at SAMHSA web site contains extensive information on all elements of the Community Support Program as well as a wide variety of other information about mental health services. The site also has Resource Kits for the implementation of evidence-based practices, containing resources specifically geared to consumers, family and friends, mental health program leaders, public mental health authorities, and clinical practitioners.

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD)

  • NASMHPD Research Institute (NRI)
  • National Technical Assistance Center for State Mental Health Planning (NTAC)

NASMHPD identifies public mental health policy issues, apprises its members of research findings and best practices in mental health service delivery, fosters collaboration, provides consultation and technical assistance, and promotes effective management practices and financing mechanisms. The NASMHPD site contains information about each of its six divisions (adults, attorneys, children, consumers, forensics, medical directors, older persons and state hospitals), explanations of its position on various mental health issues (i.e., the IMD exclusion), and updates on new mental health policies. NRI compiles extensive information about individual state mental health systems (including system capabilities and the use of Medicaid funding by states). NTAC has developed numerous policy resources, tool kits, and other materials.

National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI is a leading advocacy and public policy organization for individuals with mental illness. There are approximately 1,000 state and local NAMI affiliates nationwide. The web site offers information on mental illness and its history, recommended treatment, policy alternatives in support of individuals and families coping with mental illness, and statistics.

National Mental Health Association (NMHA)

NMHA is a nonprofit organization that addresses all aspects of mental health and mental illness. It has more than 340 affiliates nationwide. NMHA works to improve the mental health of all Americans, especially the 54 million people with mental disorders, through advocacy, education, research and service. Its web site contains a wide variety of information concerning mental health services.

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

The Bazelon Center advocates for the rights of people with mental disabilities. Its web site contains a host of materials concerning mental health services and related topics such as housing. The Center also has prepared numerous publications concerning Medicaid and public mental health systems.

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