Using Medicaid to Support Working Age Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses in the Community: A Handbook. CHAPTER 5: MEDICAID COVERAGE OPTIONS AND COMMUNITY SERVICES


Finding the fit between Medicaid coverage options and effective community services for working-age adults with serious mental illnesses involves aligning a state's goals and objectives for community support with Medicaid coverage requirements. This chapter describes how several states have used Medicaid to underwrite components of community support services for adults with serious mental illnesses, focusing on the rehabilitative services option.

So far, the Handbook has described the essential features of community support, and the general federal policy parameters that affect how states can use Medicaid to support working-age adults with serious mental illnesses. This has included a description of evidence-based practices and the components of the community support system, along with an in-depth discussion of Medicaid eligibility and coverage options. This chapter illustrates how states have crafted coverages to secure Medicaid funding for important components of community support. As noted in Chapter 4, states have considerable latitude in shaping mental health services under the rehabilitative services and other Medicaid coverage options. Examining actual state coverages provides useful information about practical and realistic applications of Medicaid to underwrite the costs of community mental health services.

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