Using Medicaid to Support Working Age Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses in the Community: A Handbook. Annotated Bibliography


Understanding Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services: A Primer (2000). Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services; Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.

The Primer is a comprehensive publication that describes how Medicaid can be used to support individuals with disabilities in the community. It provides detailed explanations of Medicaid policy, including financial and service eligibility, as well as information regarding coverage design, community transition, and cost-effectiveness issues. It also contains many state examples to assist states in designing their own community-based Medicaid coverages for people with disabilities.

King, M. & Christian, S. (1999). Medicaid Survival Kit. Washington DC: National Conference of State Legislatures

Originally published in 1996 and updated in 1999, the NCSL Medicaid Survival Kit is a comprehensive resource designed to help policymakers understand Medicaid's rules, regulatory structure, and options. It provides: (1) a clear, detailed presentation of the Medicaid program and its eligibility groups, (2) complete information about programmatic choices available to states within the current federal structure, and (3) examples of how states combat cost increases and implement efficient health care delivery. Available for purchase at

Rowland, D. & Garfield, R. (2000). Health Care for the Poor: Medicaid at 35. Health Care Financing Review, 22(1): pp. 23-34.

This article describes the history of Medicaid from its inception in 1965 to the present. This historical perspective examines relevant legislation as well as the evolution of the program. The article discusses current challenges concerning Medicaid at the state and federal levels and potential ways of addressing them. Available at

Schneider, A., Elisa, R., Garfield, R., et al. (2002). The Medicaid Resource Book. Menlo Park CA: The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. (215 pages).

This publication provides comprehensive information concerning Medicaid policy, focusing on four topics: eligibility, benefits, financing, and administration. It provides extensive information on the demographics of Medicaid beneficiaries, expenditure and financing data and trends, federal and state obligations and options, different types of waivers, and examples of specific state policies. It also contains a useful reference guide with the entire Medicaid legislative history, statutory index, and regulatory index. Available at

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