Using Medicaid to Cover Services for Elderly Persons in Residential Care Settings: State Policy Maker and Stakeholder Views in Six States. Sources of Information


Written Documents

We reviewed information about each state's Medicaid program and residential care systems that we obtained from the states' websites and from documents sent to us by state staff. We also reviewed published sources of information about each state from standard references. Sources of information for each state are included at the end of each state's description in Appendices B through G.

Consultation with State Staff and Policy Makers

We consulted with Medicaid program staff and policy makers and other key staff to obtain information not otherwise available and to clarify information obtained through the Internet and other sources. We asked the most knowledgeable staff person in each state to review the state description for accuracy. In some states, more than one person reviewed particular sections of the report, depending on their expertise.


We consulted with experts to obtain the names of knowledgeable people in each state to interview. We also identified individuals from each state's website, for example, directors of state provider associations. We then used a "snowball" approach to identify other individuals to interview. To obtain a range of views, we conducted interviews with several types of stakeholders: (1) current and former state Medicaid staff and policy makers as well as key state staff in relevant areas such as housing and licensing, (2) residential care providers and representatives of professional associations that represent providers, (3) representatives of consumer interests, including ombudsman and consumer advocacy groups, and (4) academic experts and independent policy analysts.

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