Using Evidence-Based Constructs to Assess Extent of Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions. How To Measure Implementation Milestones


Several constructs can be used to monitor progress in implementing interventions:

Fidelity of Implementation—Today’s interventions are complex and have many parts, which can lead to varying aspects of the intervention being implemented at different times.

Competence in Use—The expertise and competence of practitioners carrying out an intervention increase during the implementation process.

Feeling and Perceptions—The personal side to the change process is reflected in practitioners’ increasing confidence in or resistance to implementing an intervention.

Context of the Organization and Community—Implementation takes place within a broader context that can support or impede implementation efforts.

Supporting Implementation—Addressing factors that promote the effective implementation of interventions can advance its progress.

In this section, we describe these constructs and demonstrate how each can be used to monitor implementation.

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