Use of TANF Work-Oriented Sanctions in Illinois, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Acknowledgements


This report would not have been possible without the cooperation and support we received from staff at all levels in each of the study states. Program administrators fielded many questions from us about formal TANF sanction policies and procedures, and local staff talked openly with us about how those policies and procedures play out in practice. Marilyn Edelhoch and David Patterson from the South Carolina Department of Human Services, Dave Gruenenfelder and Diane Darnell from the Illinois Department of Human Services, and Rudy Myers, and Beth Connolly of the Division of Family Development at the New Jersey Department of Human Services provided us with administrative data and, in some cases, survey data for the quantitative analysis for this report. Marilyn Edelhoch, David Gruenenfelder, Rudy Myers, Suzanne Borys (NJ) and Gayle Riesser (NJ) also reviewed and provided comments on an initial draft of the report We would like to thank everyone who graciously shared their time with us for making this report possible.

We would also like to thank staff from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, for providing guidance and feedback throughout this project. As project officers, Elizabeth Lower-Basch and Alana Landey monitored each project task and provided useful suggestions for improving the study and final synthesis report. Don Winstead, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Services Policy, also reviewed the final report and provided us with suggestions for improving it.

The work for this project was completed as a team effort, involving staff from Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (MPR) and our subcontractor, AFYA, Inc. As project director, LaDonna Pavetti led all aspects of this study from beginning to end. Michelle K. Derr conducted site visits, authored state site visit summaries, and co-authored the final synthesis report. Gretchen Kirby conducted the administrative and survey data analysis for Illinois and South Carolina and summarized the general findings from the quantitative data analysis across the study states in Chapter 3 of the final report. Robert Wood and Melissa Clark conducted the quantitative data analysis for New Jersey and contributed to the final report. A team of senior and assistant programmersВ  Mark Brinkley, Carol Razafindrakoto, Lucy Lu, Elizabeth McClintock, and Melissa FauxВ  worked together to prepare and carry out the administrative and survey data analysis for this study. Heather Hesketh and Jesse Gregory managed the project. Alan Hershey provided quality assurance. Daryl Hall and Karen Rosenthal edited this report. Alfreda Holmes provided ongoing and consistent administrative support.

Our subcontractors, AFYA, Inc., participated in the site visits for this study. As project director at AFYA, Inc., Harry Day supervised project staff and reviewed project deliverables. Shani Rolle participated in each of the site visits and co-authored a site visit report.

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