Strategic Action Plan on Homelessness. The Strategic Action Plan in Detail


This chapter delineates all the goals and strategies identified in the 2007 Strategic Action Plan.В  The chapter also provides, under each strategy, a few examples of possible activities the Department could implement in order to fulfill a given strategy.В  It is assumed throughout this document that no strategies, or activities, will be implemented without seeking and attaining all relevant legislative and/or regulatory changes needed to ensure that all programs within HHS continue to operate within their given authority and mission.В  It is also assumed that, to the extent the strategies seek to impose any requirements on applicants as conditions of given awards, before doing so, programs will confirm that their authorizing authority and program/administrative regulations permit such imposition of conditions.В  It is further assumed that no proposals will be implemented without resolving any inherent budget implications.

The goals, strategies, and examples of activities are as follows:

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