Unemployment Insurance as a Potential Safety Net for TANF Leavers: Evidence from Five States. Endnotes


(1) These data were obtained to provide contextual background for the main analysis of WtW participants in these sites. The “reference month” drawn was the month in which WtW programs began enrolling WtW participants in the main evaluation sample.

(2) We include people who had reported earnings during either the quarter of TANF exit or the quarter after TANF exit.

(3) It is possible that differences in state TANF benefit generosity may have led more people in Philadelphia than in Texas to combine work and welfare, thus explaining some of these differences. For instance, individuals who had income of just over $400 per month are not eligible for TANF benefits in Texas, while individuals could have an income of around $800 per month in Pennsylvania and still be eligible. Interestingly, the proportion of those remaining on TANF who also worked was fairly similar in Tarrant County and in Philadelphia. Twelve months after the reference months, just under 30 percent of individuals in both sites who were still on welfare also held employment at some point during that quarter (not shown).

(4) Unfortunately, because we have only administrative data, we are able to examine only a very limited set of characteristics.

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