Understanding Disparities in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions: Research Approaches and Datasets. 8.2.2 Research infrastructure development


To facilitate further research in MCC, elements of the research infrastructure will need to be improved. For example:

  • Improving existing datasets to allow MCC disparities analyses. For example, efforts to improve the reporting of race, ethnicity and language data in HCUP and other datasets should continue, and researchers should report on what additional variables (e.g., socioeconomic variables, neighborhood indicators) should be added to existing datasets to enhance researchers’ ability to study MCC disparities.
  • Developing scientific standards for the enrollment of persons with MCC into research studies. Persons with MCC are typically excluded from studies on chronic conditions, resulting in the production of research findings that are inapplicable to the MCC population. This situation should be addressed by funding bodies, since many patients have more than one chronic condition.
  • Defining the appropriate unit(s) of analysis to examine disparities among people with MCC. For example, is it most appropriate to examine health care and health outcome disparities across groups that have the same number or combination of chronic conditions?

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