Understanding the Costs of the DOL Welfare-to-Work Grants Program. WtW Program Profile: Fort Worth-ANS


WtW Operator/Program:Arlington Night Shelter (ANS), Project Link

Grant Administrator:Tarrant County (Texas) Workforce Development Board (TCWDB)

Provider Background:ANS is a nonprofit organization established in 1986 to prevent homelessness and to serve the homeless in Arlington. ANS operates an 87-bed shelter for the homeless and provides meals, case management, employment preparation and search, and recreational services for the homeless.

Target Population:Homeless and transient population in Arlington, Texas

Statistics for the WtW Program Overall Vs. The Cost Analysis

  WtW Program Overall Cost Analysis Period
Period of Operations

10/1/98 to 9/30/01

1/1/00 to 12/31/00
Funding/Costs $384,000
(WtW contract amount for 2 years)
(total estimated costs for 1 year)
Enrollments Goal: Not available Actual: 62
Unsubsidized Job Placements Goal: 68 percent Actual: 30

Welfare-to-Work Program Services

Outreach and Recruitment:ANS received its participants from TCWDB (some of whom ANS recruited and sent to TCWDB for WtW eligibility determination). ANS recruited participants through brochures distributed in places frequented by the homeless and among people seeking housing assistance. In addition, during the cost analysis period, ANS conducted an outreach effort to reengage participants who had dropped out of the program, paying a $25 bonus to each participant who reentered the program.

Job Readiness and CaseManagement:ANS staff assessed participants for job readiness and employment barriers. Participants received job readiness instruction at a four- week job readiness workshop and a weekly job search class. The job readiness workshop, offered twice during the cost analysis period, sought to build self-confidence and worth and to provide general employability and life skills needed to find and keep a job. The job search class was a combination support group and work preparation workshop. During this preemployment stage, ANS case managers arranged for support services, taught problem-solving skills, and provided support and encouragement.

Paid Temporary Employment:Not offered

Job Development and Placement:An ANS job developer attended job forums, cold-called employers for job openings, and reviewed the employment section in the local newspaper for job leads. ANS staff took participants to job fairs, helped them with their job applications, and, if requested, accompanied them to job interviews. Each participant placed in a job received a $20 bonus.

Postplacement Followup: ANS staff maintained regular contact with the employer and the participant after job placement to monitor the participants progress and to resolve any problems. ANS paid $40 to each participant still employed after 180 days.

Support Services: ANS provided support services needed to address employment barriers that were not covered by other providers. ANS contracted with a local faith-based organization to provide transportation services and provided funds for vehicle repairs and other needs that affected job readiness.


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