Understanding the AFDC/TANF Child-Only Caseload: Policies, Composition, and Characteristics in Three States. State Administrative Data


TLG requested information from state administrative data for the three states. This study hoped to compare California, Florida, and Missouri child-only caseloads in 1999 to a point in time prior to the enactment of PRWORA to examine the differences in composition of child-only cases. In addition, child-only caseloads could be compared to regular caseloads for these two points in time. Unfortunately, due to small sample sizes and confidentiality concerns, California was not able to supply data. (Some data on the California caseload were available by examining HHS' QC data.) Florida was able to supply data for two points in time: September 1997 and May 1999; all calculations were made by TLG. Missouri was able to supply basic information for May 1994 and May 1999; calculations were conducted by staff in Missouri's Department of Social Services, Research and Evaluation branch.

In addition, Florida and Missouri were both able to supply similar data for Duval County and Jackson County. The information from this data source is compared with the case file data to ensure that the case file data is representative of the county. Analysis of these data is included in Appendix C.