Understanding the AFDC/TANF Child-Only Caseload: Policies, Composition, and Characteristics in Three States. Interaction with State Alternative Programs


In Florida and Missouri, TANF eligibility workers are beginning to have more interactions with child welfare because of the implementation of the Relative Caregiver Program and the Grandparents as Foster Parent Program.

In Duval, Family Safety identifies individuals who are eligible for the Relative Caregiver Program and after conducting the home study, will refer the cases to the TANF office. After getting referrals to this new program, TANF staff may call Family Safety for additional information or documentation. If clients come in to apply for TANF benefits for relative children, the eligibility workers may tell them about the program or clients may see the posters exhibited in the welfare offices that describe the program and ask for information. Interested clients are told to contact Family Safety for a home study. Clients who have had any interaction with Family Safety in the recent past typically learn about this program from them.

In Missouri, clients who apply for TANF are referred to children's services in order to participate. Foster care provides training, but eligibility staff handles all eligibility functions.