UI as a Safety Net for Former TANF Recipients. Acknowledgments


This report summarizes results of an extensive project based on administrative data across four states and multiple programs. Many people and organizations have been involved over the course of the project, and we thank you all. Some merit particular recognition, because without them this enterprise would have been impossible.

At the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) we thank Reuben Snipper who served as our project officer and constant source of practical guidance and inspiration. We also thank Reuben's colleagues Susan Hauan, Laura Chadwick, and Don Oellerich for their interest and useful suggestions. Kelleen Kaye was the original advocate for this research at HHS, and she did some of the first research on this topic. Kelleen shared an interest in the subject with her HHS colleague Julia Isaacs who also supported our work.

At the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) we thank Jonathan Simonetta, project manager of the Administrative Data Analysis and Research (ADARE) consortium. Jonathan facilitated acquisition of the necessary administrative data for this project along with David Stevens of the University of Baltimore, Jacob France Institute who organized the ADARE consortium of state agencies and researchers. At USDOL we also thank Stephen Wandner, Robert Pavosevich, and Wayne Gordon for their support and useful suggestions throughout the project.

At the University of Texas, Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources we thank our research partner Daniel Schroeder who estimated all results for Texas presented in this report. Daniel's skills as a diplomat, negotiating access and rights to use Texas TANF and UI data, and as a research scientist producing reliable estimates of client flows between TANF and UI in Texas, were indispensable to the success of this project.

For contributions from the state of Ohio we first thank Dixie Sommers who is now Associate Commissioner for Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USDOL. While Dixie was a member of the ADARE steering committee and on the staff at the Center for Human Resource Research, The Ohio State University, she along with Center director Randy Olson established a data sharing agreement for access to Ohio UI administrative records. Dixie supported efforts to acquire additional UI data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). At ODJFS agreements for UI data sharing and delivery were facilitated by Michael McCreight, Fran Hersh, Vickie Maddux, and Jason Turner. At ODJFS agreements for TANF data sharing and delivery were arranged by Mary Lou Owens.

Florida UI and TANF data were provided under an ADARE data sharing agreement by Jay Pfeiffer and Andre Smith of the Florida Department of Education, Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program.

Michigan participation in the project was endorsed by Liza Estlund Olson of the UI Agency in the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth (DLEG) and Marianne Udow of the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS). At DLEG, Joe Billig and Dell Alston organized participation in the project. TANF data were provided by Lou Ann Macauley and Bruce Grant at DHS, and UI data were provided by Sandy Damesworth and Shirley Heaslip of the Michigan UI Agency. Before delivery to the Upjohn Institute, files were merged by Howard Boyer and Cheryl Thoms of DLEG.

At the Upjohn Institute we thank Randy Eberts for his support in all phases of the project including design, analysis, and delivery of the final products. Randy also helped negotiate acquisition of data essential for doing the work. Special thanks go to Claire Black for administrative and clerical support. Claire expertly assembled and reviewed all deliverables.

In addition to support from HHS, the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research also financially supported a major share of the research on this project.

Opinions expressed are our own and do not represent the views of the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research or other supporters and contributors to this project. Any errors and omissions are our responsibility.

Christopher J. O'Leary (oleary@upjohn.org)
Kenneth J. Kline (kline@upjohn.org)

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