Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Tribal Population Data Report. Objectives


As background for the Evaluation Feasibility Study, OASPE asked that data be compiled from relevant data sources that could provide Tribal-specific information on population, age and gender distribution, socioeconomic characteristics, and any other variables that might be useful for describing and comparing Tribes. This data compilation will provide information for selecting and describing potential sites for conduct of the Evaluation Feasibility Study, as well as information that could be useful for OASPE if a decision is made to conduct an evaluation of Tribal self-governance and Tribal management of other health and social service programs.

The Data Report provides information on a range of demographic and socioeconomic data that are useful for characterizing Tribes that manage both health and social service programs. OASPE is interested in exploring the feasibility of evaluation of self-governance of health programs and Tribally-managed DHHS social and other programs. Because of this broad interest, the Data Report does not emphasize health data, but instead is a compilation of information on population size, age distribution, economic characteristics, and other general data that may be relevant to Tribal management of many programs.