Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Revised Draft of Background Materials. Cover Memo


TO: Technical Working Group Members
Tribal Self-Governance Evaluation Feasibility Study

FROM: Kathy Langwell and Jo Ann Kauffman

DATE: March 7, 2003

SUBJECT: Revised Project Documents (attached)

Enclosed are revised project documents that you reviewed and discussed with us at the Technical Working Group meeting in Washington, DC on February 3-5. These revised documents are:

  • Revised Draft Literature Review
  • Revised Draft Tribal Matrix Report
  • Revised Draft Tribal Population Data Report
  • Revised Evaluation Issues, with additional background information

Note that the Revised Evaluation Issues document lays out the evaluation issues that would be the focus of the Evaluation Feasibility Study, based on our TWG discussion. Once these issues are finalized, specific research questions and data requirements will be developed.

In addition, this package includes:

  • Draft Summary of the First Technical Working Group Meeting
  • Draft Legislative History and Background on Tribal Self-Governance. (Note: This Report has not been revised, but a portion of the Preamble to the Title IV Regulations has been added as an Appendix. We are interested in receiving written comments and input from TWG members on other changes to this report that may be considered).

At the Technical Working Group meeting, it was agreed that TWG members would review these revised materials and give us comments by March 30, 2003. Please fax or email your comments to Kathy Langwell ( or Fax: 605-584-2429) or email to Andy Rock (

We would like to arrange a conference call with the TWG members during the week of April 1 to discuss your feedback on the revised project documents and to discuss and agree on the site selection criteria that will be used to recruit and select the six Tribes that will be visited. Please let us know any specific days that you would not be available for this call.

Thank you for taking the time to review these materials again. Your comments and suggestions are very helpful in ensuring that this project is successful. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. (Andy at 202-260-0398; Jo Ann at 509-747-4994; Kathy at 605-584-2414).