Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Work Plan. Task 9. Complete Final Reports


9.1 Final Report and Briefing on Study Findings

The Final Report on the Feasibility Study will be prepared, after the Third TWG and additional discussions and consultations with the TOM. A preliminary outline of the Final Report includes:

· Overview and Objectives of the Feasibility Study;

· Description of IHS and Non-IHS Programs of Interest;

· Evaluation Objectives, Research Questions, and Outcome Measures;

· Feasibility Study Issues and Methodologies;

· Findings: Site Visits;

· Findings: Small Group Discussions;

· Findings: Expert Consultations;

· Feasibility of Self-Governance Evaluation of IHS Programs;

· Feasibility of Self-Governance Evaluation of Non-IHS Programs;

· Potential Limitations of the Evaluation;

· Recommendations for Strategies to Address Limitations in Designing and Conducting the Evaluation ;

· Potential Usefulness of Evaluation Findings for Expansion of Tribal Self-Governance.

A Draft Outline of the Final Report will be submitted to the TOM in Week 36 of the project, for review and approval. The Draft Final Report will be completed and submitted to the TOM, for review and comments and for dissemination to selected audiences, in Week 42 of the project. After comments are received from the TOM, the Final Report will be prepared, incorporating requested revisions, and submitted to the TOM in Week 52.

A formal briefing on the design, conduct, and findings of the Feasibility Study will be conducted by the project Co-Principal Investigators during the final month of the project, as requested and arranged by the TOM. Briefing materials and the briefing presentation will be prepared and submitted to the TOM, for review and comment, one week prior to the scheduled briefing. A briefing for the Technical Work Group and other audiences may also be conducted, if requested by the TOM, either in Washington, DC or by telephone or videoconference.

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