Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Work Plan. Task 7. Conduct Analyses and Prepare Draft Reports


Once the site visits, small group discussions, and expert consultations are completed, the information and documentation collected will be analyzed and reports will be prepared on the findings.

7.1 Assess Tribal Data Availability, Completeness, and Comparability

A cross-cutting report on data issues for the Tribal Self-Governance Evaluation will be prepared, based on findings from the activities conducted and review of data collected and available from relevant federal and state agencies. Data availability, completeness, and comparability will be examined for both IHS and non-IHS programs that may be included in the Self-Governance Evaluation. The report on data issues will present findings on:

· Availability and completeness of Tribal data for each program area;

· Comparability of Tribal data with data available from IHS and non-IHS program offices;

· Potential problem areas for design and conduct of the evaluation;

· Suggested strategies that could be used to overcome problems and to permit a rigorous and quantitative evaluation.

This report will be prepared within four weeks of the completion of all site visits, small group discussions, and expert consultations.

7.2 Draft Feasibility Report

The Draft Feasibility Study will provide a synthesis and assessment of the feasibility of a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation of Tribal Self-Governance, based on the findings of the site visits, small group discussions, expert consultations, and other activities of this project. There will be three major components of this report:

· The feasibility of conducting an evaluation of Tribal Self-Governance will be described, with appropriate documentation of the information obtained that supports/refutes feasibility;

· The extent to which there would be limitations to the evaluation, given the findings of the feasibility study, and potential strategies that might be used to address these limitations;

· Recommendations for pre-evaluation study steps that should be undertaken to ensure that the Self-Governance Evaluation can be conducted and will produce rigorous and defensible analytic results.

The Draft Feasibility Study will be prepared within four weeks of the completion of all site visits, small group discussions, and expert consultations. It will be sent to the TOM and concurrently to members of the TWG.


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