Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Work Plan. Task 3. First Meeting of the Technical Work Group


The First Meeting of the TWG, to be scheduled during the week of February, 2003, will be a three day meeting held in Washington, D.C. The Washington, DC location will permit interested OASPE and other federal agency staff and additional Westat and Project HOPE staff to attend without incurring travel costs. The TWG meeting will be held either at OASPE, if feasible, or at a large conference room at Westat or at Project HOPE. Light refreshments and lunch will be available to participants.


3.1 Prepare Agenda and Arrange Meeting

The initial TWG meeting will be held for 2 full day and 1 half day sessions, with sessions focusing on key topic areas for the feasibility study. A Preliminary Agenda, incorporating suggestions from participants in the initial project meeting, is presented in Appendix B to this report.

Arrangements for the First TWG Meeting will begin as soon as the TWG composition is finalized, with identification of dates that would be feasible for all participants. Once the date is finalized, a letter or email will be sent to all TWG members to confirm their attendance on that date and to provide information on making hotel and travel arrangements. Approximately 10 days before the meeting, a packet of information will be sent to each TWG (and to the TOM and project staff) containing the following:

· Final Agenda;

· Location of the TWG Meeting;

· Local travel directions;

· Project Description;

· Revised Work Plan;

· Draft Report on Legislative and Programmatic History and Draft Report on Literature Review/Synthesis;

· Memorandum on Site Selection Issues;

· Memorandum on Small Group Discussions Issues and Potential Topic Areas;

· Memorandum on Ongoing Communications Strategies;

· Contact List: TOM, Westat Team Key Staff, and all TWG Members.

All materials to be sent to the TWG will be sent in draft form to the TOM for review and approval prior to being sent to the TWG members.

3.2 Convene First Meeting

Jo Ann Kauffman, Co-Principal Investigator, will serve as moderator for the meeting and will facilitate the discussions for each topic area. Staff from Kauffman and Associates, Inc., and from Project HOPE will take detailed notes throughout the meeting to ensure that all discussions and guidance are documented. Following the meeting, a summary of the First TWG Meeting will be prepared and submitted to the TOM for review and approval. Once it is finalized and approved, this Summary will be disseminated to the TWG members and to other attendees at the meeting.

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